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Byzantine & Medieval Studies on the Internet. Lots of links, including the texts of various conciliar and legal documents. Some of them may be relevant to tracking down the background to various philosophical discussions.

Labyrinth WWW Home Page. “Labyrinth” is a Web page for mediaevalists generally, maintained at Georgetown University. It has lots of pointers to other sites you may want to browse.

Medioevo Italian A site devoted to discussion of the Italian and European Middle Ages. Links to many other sites. Also, a very handy “forum” (bulletin-board) page for discussion of medieval topics, including sections in five European languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish).

The “Perseus” Project at Tufts University. A very handy place to go for all things Greek, including texts (Greek and English, with tools for reading Greek on-line), lexica, etc. Recently added: a searchable version of Smyth’s Greek Grammar, and a number of materials in Latin, including an on-line, searchable version of the well known Lewis and Short, A Latin Dictionary.

The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources. Hosted by Catholic University of America. Some of this will not be relevant to people pursuing mediaeval logic and philosophy in particular. But some of it will be, and a lot of it is interesting in its own right.


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Bernard of Clairvaux

Celtics and St. Patrick

Dance of Death

Dante and Purgatory

Dominic and Dominicans

Eastern Orthodoxy

Francis and Franciscans

Imitation of Christ


Medieval Philosophy

Muslims and Crusades

Muslims: Additional Sites


Music, Art and Architecture



Medieval History in Christian History

A Severe Salvation How the Vikings took up the faith. Issue 63, Summer 1999

Christians & Muslims Confronting fourteen centuries of ambition, sorrow and bad faith. Issue 74, Spring 2002

Eastern Orthodoxy For centuries Christians East and West lived as strangers to one another. Issue 54, Spring 1997

Everyday Faith in the Middle Ages

Francis of Assisi Issue 42

Bernard of Clairvaux Issue 24

How the Irish Were Saved The culture and faith of Celtic Christians. Issue 60, Fall 1998

Jan Hus The Incendiary Preacher of Prague; CH, Issue 68, Fall 2000

John Wycliffe

The Crusades

The Waldensians

Thomas Aquinas The mind that saved the medieval church.CH, Issue 73, Winter 2002

Dante’s Guide to Heaven and Hell Why the Divine Comedy still haunts and enchants us. CH, Issue 70, Spring 2001

Women in the Medieval Church


Bibliography and Sites provided by and


Alcuin (c.740 - 804)

Anselm (c.1033-1109)

Apostolics / Apostolic Brethren

Artistic and Liturgical History

Augustine of Canterbury (d. between 604 and 609)


Baptism in the Medieval Church

Benedict (c.480 - c.550)


Bernard of Clairvaux (1090 - 1153)


Boniface (c.675 - 754)

Byzantine History, Literature, and Thought



Catherine of Siena (1347 - 1380)

Charlemagne (c.742 - 814)

Charles Martel (c.690-741)

Children’s Crusade (1212)


Clare (1193/4 - 1253)

Classical Greek Antiquity

Classical Latin Antiquity

Cluny / Cluniacs

Columba (c.521 - 97)

Council of Basel (1431 - 1449)

Council of Constance (1414-1418)

Council of Florence (1438-45)

Council of Pisa (1409)

Council of Vienne (1311-1312)

Councils & Synods of the Medieval Church

Crusades and Military Orders

Desiderius Erasmas (c.1466/9 - 1536)

Doctrine & Practice in the Medieval Church

Dominic (c.1172 - 1221)


Duns Scotus (c.1265 - 1308)

Eschatology in the Medieval Church

Eucharist in the Medieval Church

Fifth Crusade (1219-1221)

First Council of Lyons (1245)

First Crusade (1096-1099)

First Lateran Council (1123)


Fourth Council of Constantinople (869-70)

Fourth Crusade (1200-1204)

Francis of Assisi (1181/2- 1226)


Gottschalk (c.804 - 869)

Greek Patrology

Gregory I “The Great” (c.540 - 604)

Gregory of Rimini (c.1358)

Gregory of Tours (538/9 - 94)

Heresies & Sects of the Middle Ages

Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)

History of Ideas

History of the Medieval Papacy

How to Study

Hugh of St. Victor (d.1142)


Ignatius Loyola (1491 - 1556)

Innocent III (c.1160/1 - 1216)


Isidore (c.560 - 636)


Jerome of Prague (c.1370 - 1416)

Joachim of Fiore (c.1135 - 1202)

John Huss (c.1372-1415)

John Wycliffe (c.1330 - 84)

Julian of Norwich (c.1342-after 1416)

Knights of St. John (Hospitalers)

Knights Templar

Latin Patrology

Liturgy in the Medieval Church


Manuscripts and Transmission of Texts

Mary and the Medieval Church

Medieval Aristotelian Philosophy

Medieval Canon and Civil Law

Medieval Ecclesiastical History

Medieval Education and Universities

Medieval English and Germanic Literature

Medieval Ethics and Political Theory

Medieval Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, and Poetry

Medieval History

Medieval Jewish Philosophy

Medieval Mathematics, Natural Science, and Medicine

Medieval Mysticism

Medieval Papacy

Medieval Philosophy

Medieval Platonic Philosophy

Medieval Political History: Britain and France

Medieval Political History: Germany

Medieval Political History: Italy and Spain

Medieval Romance Languages and Literature

Medieval Scriptural Exegesis

Medieval Social History

Medieval Spirituality, Preaching, Hagiography, Hymnology, Liturgy

Medieval Theology

Meister Eckhart (c.1260 - c.1328)

Mendicant Orders

Military Orders


Nicholas of Cusa (1401-64)

Nicholas of Lyre (c.1270 - 1349)

Patrick (mid or late 5th Century)

Penance in the Medieval Church

Pepin (Pippin III) (714-68)

Peter Abelard (1079-1142/3)

Peter Damian (1007-72)

Peter Lombard (c.1100-60)

Peter the Venerable (1092 or 1094 – 1156)


Poor Lombards / Runcarii

Religious Orders

Renaissance and Humanism

Sacraments in the Medieval Church

Second Council of Constantinople (553)

Second Council of Lyons (1274)

Second Council of Nicea (787)

Second Crusade (1147-1148)

Second Lateran Council (1139)

Seventh Crusade (1248)

Significant People in Medieval History

Sixth Crusade (1229)

Society of Jesus (Jesuits)

Spiritual Franciscans

Synod of Whitby (664)

Synod of Worms (1076)

Teutonic Knights

The Avignon Papacy

The Bible in the Medieval Church

The Byzantine and Eastern Churches

The Carthari

The Carthari: Albigenses

The Carthari: Patarenes

The Church in Africa

The Church in Belgium

The Church in Britain & Ireland: Celtic Churches

The Church in France

The Church in Germany & Switzerland

The Church in Italy

The Church in Scandinavia

The Church in Spain and Portugal

The Church in the Netherlands

The Expansion of the Church

The Great Schism

The Inquisition

The Medieval Doctrine of Purgatory

The Venerable Bede (c.673 - 735)

Third Council of Constantinople (680-681)

Third Crusade (1189-1192)

Third Lateran Council (1179)

Thomas Aquinas (c.1225 - 74)

Thomas Becket (?1120 - 70)

Thomas Bradwardine (c.1295-1349)

Unitas Fratrum or Bohemian Brethren

Waldenses / Waldensians

Wilfred (634 - 709)

William of Ockham (c.1285 - 1347)